Moms are bombarded with both internal and external expectations, pressures and judgments about how to live their lives. So many of us find ourselves trying to do it all and making choices that do not reflect our own inner values in an attempt to meet these unrealistic expectations. The reality is this is not obtainable nor sustainable and many moms find these pressures begin to manifest in the body as physical discomfort. The top 3 physical burnout out symptoms that I see are:

Fatigue: Do you feel tired even with a good night sleep, wake up feeling exhausted and move through your day in a haze of brain fog and heaviness. Is consuming excess coffee, sugar and salt the only way you feel you can “get through the day”.  Do you fall asleep with your children at bedtime only to wake later feeling groggy and disappointed that you did not get any time for yourself?

Moodiness and agitation:  Are you feeling sad, shameful or frustrated because you do not understand why you are lashing out at your partner and children? You love your family and have the life you always dreamed of but do not feel joy or happiness. Do you feel disconnected from yourself
and loved ones and wonder what could be missing?

Body pain/tension: Moms who have not connected with their own values have more chronic pain. Do you carry the weight of unrealistic expectations on yourself? Is it possible that this pressure is now showing up in your body as a chronic backache, headaches, whole body muscle fatigue and tension?

If you are suffering from any or all of these common symptoms, you are most likely disconnected from your inner values, putting undue pressure on yourself and the result is burnout.  Check out one of the self love mom events and take your first step into recover from mom exhaustion.