As a mom who has recovered from my own burn out after trying to do it all, I have had to get fiercely in touch with my own values. As much as I thought that I was that mom who loves to cook from scratch and bake my own muffins…it turns out I am just not that person.

That being said I do value wholesome nutrition for my family and I am very committed to ensuring that we balance our blood sugars with each meal. By 2.5 my daughter always knew that mom wanted her to finish all the proteins off her plate…even more than her vegetables.

This is why I aways have the following foods bought and prepared (sometimes by me and sometimes by the store) in my fridge so that we can put quick meals together and our plates are always balanced with a protein, carb, fats and lots of veggies.

Tuna or salmon salad (I use straight up mayo)
Hard boiled eggs (make 6 at a time)
Plain greek yogurt
Hummus (sometimes homemade, a lot of the time bought)
Protein powders (loving collagen powder these days)

Cooked rice or quinoa
Cooked sweet potatoes
Frozen butter nut squash
Rice crackers and cakes
Organic cereals
Oatmeal (often plain and instant)
Gluten free pasta and pizza

Oils like coconut, avacodo and olive
Nuts and nut butters
Seeds and seed butters
Dressing of the week – (very simple 3-4 ingredients pre-made ready to go)

Fruits and Vegetables:
Prewashed spinach, kale and mixed greens
Sometimes I have the time to wash and cut my veggies often I don’t so I purchase them pre washed in a tray…

Having even just a few of these items allows us to mix and match and ensure that even if it is a frozen pizza night we are able to add some extra veggies and hummus to ensure balance!

Hugs from one mom to another!