The level of our blood sugar is the direct result of the quality and quantity of foods that we are consuming. After we eat a meal our body coverts carbohydrates like breads, pastas, cereals to sugar using a hormone called insulin. How quickly this occurs is dependent on how many vitamins, minerals and fibre is in the food as well as the time of day and what other foods we are eating along side the carbohydrates.

When we eat only a refined carbohydrate, insulin converts this food into a short burst of energy that is quickly followed by a physical crash. The result becomes a vicious cycle of eating based on our body craving more and more refined carbohydrates as a way to off set this fatigue. In this pattern, our energy is not consistent as we move through our days always needing more refined foods or stimulants to bring us back up.

Keeping blood sugar’s balanced is especially important for busy Mom’s who are already struggling with fatigue and mood challenges. I have counseled 100‘s of Mom’s around their frustrations with what they define as a lack of will power or a sugar addiction when in fact this has less to do with behavior and more to do with physiology.

What we are choosing to eat is most often a reflection of something we did or did not do earlier in the day. Our choice is not bad or weak, in fact we are responding to a strong physical cue. If you start the day with a donut and a coffee it is going to be physically very difficult to choose a balanced lunch because the body needs another quick source of energy. The body is not interested in breaking down a quinoa salad when a white bagel will offer energy so much quicker.

This cycle can be broken and once Mom’s start to make food choices that keep their blood sugar in a stable state they quickly find energy improve, the mid afternoon crash disappear, moods balance and cravings vanish. All this by maintaing blood sugar throughout the day? Yes it is that important! In fact, keeping blood sugar in check is one of my key recommendations for all Mom’s and is absolutely worth the extra self care!

Hugs from one mom to another!