Get your butt out of bed

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you miss a plane or are late for an important exam? Awful, right?

I get the same feeling when my daughter wakes up before me and comes running into my room yelling my name. My day starts with a nervous tummy, tight chest and the feeling like I am behind the ball.  All this and it is only 7:05.

I actually did not even realize this was happening. I just figured, hey this is what it is like to get your 5-year-old out the door in the morning. I started to resent my role as the “drop off” parent. I felt rushed and out of control and quite honestly pissed off.  The worst part was not only was I feeling all this discomfort so was my daughter.

I had very little patience with her, the dog, my hair and all of my choices were being made from a very reactive place. I was unconscious with my choices yet they were having a huge impact on the quality of my day.

  • I don’t have time to make breakfast, I will just grab a breakfast sandwich on my way in.
  • My daughter can just have a slice a toast, it’s only a few hours until her morning nutrition break.
  • Sleep is more important than how I look, so I won’t shower and take time to put on makeup, now I feel gross for the day.

Squeezing in that last hour of sleep was actually causing me more harm than good. Don’t get me wrong I am a huge advocate of sleep but you already know that about me. Sleep always wins except for in this example, where sleep is interfering with a smooth start to your day. Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier, period the end. I have nothing revolutionary here, no quick tips or latest fads. If you want to start your day off on the right foot then get up an hour earlier and if you are too tired to do that then go to bed earlier.

Now that you are open to getting up earlier, your still reading right?  Let’s talk about what you going to do with that time. If you choose to spend 45 minutes on Instagram while you drink a pot of coffee, then just stay in bed.

No think about this as bonus time for you to connect in with yourself, not 500 Facebook friends I have no idea what that will look like for you. Perhaps you get up and go for a 20 min run before your partner leaves for work, or you sit on the front porch with a coffee and read the paper or you have a long shower, blow dry your hair out or make an omelette (you know the kind you only make on the weekends).  Whatever it is, the key to this is to make it into a habit.

This is what my current morning routine looks like:

  • wake: 6:00am -I no longer need an alarm clock which is a small miracle within itself
  • drink 500ml of room temperature water
  • do 15 minutes of yoga
  • get my coffee
  • gratitude journal
  • write ideally one of these blogs or as much as I can until my daughter wakes up

I have only been doing this for 2 months and it has been one of the biggest game changers of my life. Seriously, this is huge, my energy, moods, digestion, nutrition, focus have all dramatically improved since making this simple change. I am excited to get up and feel incredible gratitude for this time that I have created in my life.

You can do it too, just make that choice for yourself!