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I always start with an initial 90 minute appointment. These appointments are in-clinic sessions and the first step towards receiving the comprehensive care that you deserve. This is my opportunity to get to know you, your needs and your health desires and in this time together I will begin to map out your individual journey to ultimate health. You will leave this visit with a plan.

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These visits are 30 or 60 minutes in length and are available for current patients only. I continue to collect information and feedback regarding your treatment plan, make adjustments and additions and support you on your health journey.

Due to my busy schedule, I suggest that you book a second 30 minute follow up at the same time as your initial appointment with a 2-week time frame in between these two visits. We will discuss future follow up visits as we map out your health plan.

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New for you!

Can’t get into to see me for a follow-up visit? Not a problem. I am now offering video and phone appointments to existing patients. This is the same great service but from the comfort of your home.

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