The challenge with being a mom is that there are so many different ways, opinions and quite frankly judgements about the “right” way to do things. We often got lost in long to do lists that actually do not reflect our own values for ourselves or for our families. For many moms, this disconnect results in a feeling of failure and the misguided belief that we are not doing enough. In an attempt to remedy this feeling most mom’s turn up the dial and try to do more based on these external pressures that actually don’t even hold meaning in our own lives.

For the first few years after my daughter was born I felt overwhelmed, exhausted and disconnected, so instead of slowing down, going inward and being more selective about what was important to me, I tried to do it all in hopes of finding peace. This could not have been further from what I needed. The reality is that we can not do everything, nor should you try rather we need to find out what is important to us and move from that centre. It is from a place of knowing what we value for ourselves and family that we can truly connect with how we fill our days and where we put our energy.

Finding out what you value will take some reflection, experience and trial and error. I have developed a reflection exercise that will help to guide you on this part of your journey. You will find this in the free journal pages that I offer.

Take a few minutes for yourself and sit with this, you may be surprised as to what comes up for you.