Lifestyle medicine

Can you imagine a life where you are full of energy, live pain-free, feel connected to yourself and your loved ones, and get up every day excited to be alive?

It is absolutely possible!

The small lifestyle choices that we make in our day-to-day life have a huge impact on our health and happiness.

We prescribe individualized nutrition, sleep, movement, mindset, and supplement plans to bring body balance and improve your quality of life.

Understanding all of you!

Lifestyle Medicine and You


Sleep is is the most important component in achieving all health goals. So many of us begin, re-start or feel frustrated with the lack of success on our health journey because we bypass this crucial component of health.  Studies are now confirming that without restorative sleep, you will be in a constant state of deficiency, caloric intake is higher with more sugar and salt cravings, body repair and detoxification is impacted and ideal health impossible to achieve even with the perfect diet and exercise program.  So this is where we always start!  The other pillars -stress, food, and movement are important but only in how they will contribute to improved sleep cycles.


Managing stress is the second foundation in achieving ultimate health. Most of us spend much of day in a fight, flight or freeze response which in turn influences every aspect of our health. With the body in a constant state of cortisol overload, it is virtually impossible to optimize health even with a whole food diet and a consistent exercise program. During this phase of recovery, sleep plays a crucial role in supporting our stress response and the focus on food and exercise become the medicine to support our body in managing stress.


With improved quality and quantity of sleep as well as a new relationship with stress established, you can then fully receive all the benefits from an individualized nutrition program. At this point, discussion about elimination diets, detoxification programs, intermittent fasting etc is relevant, not before this point. Your ideal program based on individual needs can now be clearly identified and your efforts from our commitment fully realized


High-intensity workouts and long distance running programs yield incredible benefits but only with the other pillars balanced. Pushing the body before often results in further health declines and possible injury. With sleep improvements, stress supports in place and your individualized nutrition requirements intact your ideal exercise program will reveal itself.


In the absence of effective elimination and removal of toxins, waste material and emotional baggage the body will become susceptible to disease. The body has multiple ways to process elimination through the pathways of the liver, intestine, kidneys, lymphatic system, skin and brain. When blocked or stagnant, toxins and other undesirable materials will be recycled and/or stored in the cellular body. Effective elimination requires stability with the other pillars -stress, sleep, nutrition, movement and mindset.


Often underestimated about its impact on our physical body, our beliefs and thoughts can absolutely influence our physiology. When the mind is caught in negative thinking and a trance of obsessive thoughts, we are producing internal stressors that will compromise our health. Our beliefs, create our thoughts and our thoughts influence our choices. Therefore, implementing supportive lifestyle choices and a solid pillar of health requires self-awareness and clarity of mind.

So where do you start?

That’s why we love what we do because together we will identify what aspect of your lifestyle is in most need and create a supportive treatment plan that will offer you the greatest impact in achieving health and happiness.

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