Magdalena is a holistic skin care therapist, a plant-based product formulator and the founder of Woman Divine Skin Care.
She has been in practice for over 25 years and is one of the leaders in the holistic skin care movement. She is dedicated to bringing the best quality facial treatments and products to women who wish to practice beauty care mindfully.  Magdalena has created Woman Divine Skin Care Studio to serve as a healing space, a safe, welcoming space where no matter what life is throwing at you, it always feels good to come, lay down and receive care not only for your skin but for your whole being. She is an advocate for clean, ethical, sustainable and accessible skin care. She works closely with local organic herb growers and local herbs are the foundation of her formulas. Magdalena’s mission is to deliver the best quality plant-based products to everyday women not as a luxury or once in a while treat but as an everyday sustainable way of self-care.

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