My husband and I sleep in different beds

My husband and I have a wonderful connection, fantastic sex life and are totally in tune with each other’s lives and yes this all happens despite the fact that we do not sleep in the same room

Our story is one of hope, I was 38 years old very, very single and content to be that way.  I had been through decades of dysfunctional relationships and it was time for me to take a hard look at my choices and how they were contributing to these disaster relationships.  Three years into this process, I was happy, truly happy being on my own for the first time in my life. One Sunday morning, I was at a friend’s house for brunch, in total peace being the only single women in attendance, and as fate would have it this sexy man walked in the door, carrying not a bottle of wine, nor a bouquet of fresh flowers but a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  My first thought was okay universe this guy better be single. Twelve months later to the day, we were engaged and in the first few weeks of our pregnancy. I was 39, engaged and pregnant!

Beautiful hey, and it was but we had a lot of adjustments to make.  Both of us living on our own for years before meeting required each of us to compromise, adapt and become flexible in new ways.  One of the big things that we were used to doing alone was sleeping. So for many, many restless nights we tried to sleep together, with more nights than not one of us ending up on the floor, couch or spare room.  Co-sleeping was not going great for us.

Then my daughter was born and once we added her into our sleeping mix, it became so exhaustingly obvious that something had to give.  So in a very natural, organic and loving way, we set my husband up with his own sleeping space. Eventually, my daughter was out of what used to be the family bed and fast forward to today each of us with our own bed, own covers, own pillows and own needs being met.  Jackpot!

My husband and I go through our sleep routines together, we brush our teeth, sometimes floss, get into bed, chat, rub each other’s back (well he mostly rubs mine), read and when it is time to turn out the lights, my husband leaves and goes to his bed.

Sleep is sacred and god bless you if you can get sound sleep with your husband, 2 kids and dog in bed with you, I truly wish I was one of those people but I am not so in order for me to meet this fundamental human requirement, we made the necessary adjustments and are all happier and healthier for it!