Hi I am Dr. Kristy I know that you have the potential to be your best self. Our bodies, minds and emotions give us messages when we are not living our fullest life. I will listen to your individual story about these messages, make the connections between how you feel today and where you want to go and be your biggest support as you evolve to your best you.

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Letting go of fad diets

People either love working with me or don’t! My approach to nutrition and really all the aspects of lifestyle medicine is quite frankly…boring. 

I don’t have anything sexy or trendy or edgy when it comes to my treatment plans.  Believe me, this is not...

A gift for you

One thing is for certain and that is we all have a 24-hour day cycle, time is the one thing that we hold as an equal resource but how we perceive and use this time can be a differentiating factor in how much joy and stress we experience in our day.There...

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