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Initial appointment

This 60-minute initial appointment includes an in-depth review of your health history, lifestyle choices and goals. During this visit, I will discuss laboratory testing and provide an initial assessment of your health based on these findings. This is my opportunity to get to know you and begin to map out your journey to ultimate health. After this visit, your individualized naturopathic treatment plan will be completed and provided to you before your second visit. We will be in contact with you to discuss your preference for phone or video consultation and to send you the link for your intake and consent forms.

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Follow-up appointments

These visits are 30 or 60 minutes in length and are available for current patients. I continue to collect information and feedback regarding your treatment plan, make adjustments and additions and support you on your health journey. We will be in contact with you to discuss your preference for phone or video consultation.

Due to my busy schedule you may want to secure a few appointments to ensure that you receive continuity of care.

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Naturopathic services are covered by most extended health care plans.

Once you book your appointment, you will receive an email notification. Your appointment can be by video or phone. You will receive a link to the video 1hr before your appointment. If you prefer a phone consult please email me the best number to reach you!  

Please note that cancellations within 24 business hours of your appointment time are subject to a full cancellation fee.

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