Put your phone to bed

I have a love-hate relationship with social media.  Full disclosure, at the time of writing this blog, I am a 46-year-old woman, so that puts my birth year in the early 70’s.  Just so you’re super clear

the technology in my house when I was growing up was a rotary phone, an Atari tennis pong game and a TV that you had to get up to change the station.

It absolutely blows my mind, how much things have progressed around technology and that is so amazing and also exhausting.   I do struggle with excessive phone checking and the fear of missing out with my social media accounts.  I am that person who puts up an Instagram post and then has to use all my will to not keep checking if I got likes or comments.

Perhaps it’s my age, maybe my insecurities or just the way things are but you have to be so aware and so disciplined around how much time, energy, emotions you are going to give to technology.  

This is especially important when the sun goes down.  Okay just like we know cheesecake before bed is not fantastic for our sleep, we get it looking at our phones in bed is going to impact our ability to get and stay into a restorative sleep cycle. 

I know this, you know this so why the heck are we still doing this! So this is the time in the blog where I could list 5 tips to help you stop checking your phone at night.  Let’s not do that, because you, me and the world started seeing those tips years ago and we are still not changing this behaviour.  So instead, let’s talk about what you are getting when you are looking at your phone


  • connection with others
  • immediate gratification
  • relief from the pressures/realities of your life  


  • stimulated (at a time we need to be calming)
  • lost time
  • feelings of inadequacy
  • feelings of FOMO
  • disruptive physical symptoms
  • disconnection from my partner, spouse, kids etc…
  • anxiety/depression
  • compulsion

So friends, I am feeling pretty clear that the con’s list is out weight the pro’s list so let’s take this a step further.  How can we can those same things in our pro’s list without using our phones?  Hmmm, I can think about something -sex, a good book, a bath.  Yep, each one of those offers some or all of the positive feelings, and so much more without the yucky side effects that looking at your phone before bed has. 

Am I asking you to drop social media? Absolutely not!  I love my IG account almost as much as I love my morning coffee but I am asking you to take a hard look at what you are giving up and the huge cost nighttime scrolling is having on your sleep, relationships and overall health.