Q: Why can’t I stick with my treatment plan?

It breaks my heart when patients come into my office with a look of shame saying say something like, “Dr. Kristy, I was really good for the first few weeks and then I had to travel for work and have not been able to get back on track since.”

To this I say you did not fail, in fact you have succeed, you have taken the biggest step when you came back. Your heart’s desire for different choices and a healthy life is all that matters. The true failure would be if you stopped, threw in the tool and did not try again. Behaviour changes are NOT easy and one thing that this job has taught me is we all struggling in some way or another. So when you can’t stick with your intentions consider yourself normal and learn from the experience. 

Optimizing health is a total long game, it’s forever and like the seasons of your life change so does the time, energy and focus you have for your health. You learn from your journey and we can use that information to create a new plan that fits for now. Not sticking to your plan is to be expected and it is what happens 100% of the time.  When working with patients I become a supporter and an objective point of view not a judge and I ask, no I plead that you cut yourself some slack. The so-called failure provides so much information about you and where we can make changes to help you on your journey. 

I see this as an opportunity to reframing feelings of failure to ones of wisdom by going through this three-phase process.

Experience: Ask yourself what is this experience, get honest and real with yourself.  No judgement allowed here. Clear your perception of guilt so that you can see the truth for what it is.

Curiosity: Take a step back and get curious about what is going. Take some space between your behaviours and actions so that you can truly understand how these choices are impacting both your mind and body.

Empower: From a place of experience and curiosity, you can become empowered about your true heart’s desire and your intention for change you begin to have a deeper understanding and gain the wisdom to make choices that aligned with ourselves. 

I send each and every patient home with a treatment plan, not with an expectation for perfection. Therefore, whether you are working with a personal trainer, a therapist, a meditation teacher or a naturopathic doctor we are your guides and your cheerleaders. No one knows your body and life more than you