Mom’s please stop comparing yourselves to others, especially as it relates to being a mom. Every person chooses to spend their time and energy differently, some moms prioritize planning perfectly themed birthday parties while others push to be bikini ready 6 months after giving birth. I know mom’s who volunteer weekly at their kid’s school and moms who make prize worthy Halloween costumes every year. None of these is better and what another mom does has zero importance to your own journey. All this tells us about other women is what is important to her and where her personal focus is during a particular time. Sure, you can look at these women and be inspired but comparing ourselves and feeling less than because of where another person is putting their energy is a fruitless and empty experience.

Never before have we had the opportunity to rank ourselves against others as we do right now, social media is everywhere and as much as this is a wonderful opportunity for the cyber connection it can also create a toxic window where women are in a constant comparison with one another ranking themselves against what they see online.

When we compare ourselves to others and feel bad about ourselves, we are not seeing the whole picture and the tendency is to only see the parts that trigger our own sense of unworthiness or inadequacy. In my opinion, it is not about rejecting social media altogether but rather being able to stay aware and accountable for what you are seeing and what feelings that it brings up in you.

Take a few minutes to complete the social media challenge I have created to get a better understanding of how you are relating to other moms. You can find this challenge on in the free journal pages that I am offering to you!