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Small Group Sessions

Transform your health with consistent Naturopathic Care

This new way to receive my services is created and lead by me. Each session consists of 4x 60-minute weekly appointments focusing on an aspect of health designed for an intimate group of 6 people. The sessions are covered by most extended heath care insurance plans.

Why you will love these

During these sessions:

  • You will uncover the root cause of your health concern
  • Receive practical and accessible lifestyle treatment plans to restore balance
  • Become empowered in your new alignment
  • Be part of an intimate group of like-minded people

Not sure if a group setting is for you? I am here to tell you that you have more in common than you think. After 15 years of experience with thousands of patients, I have come to learn that most symptoms are rooted in similar causes with common treatment solutions. Why do it alone when you can receive ongoing Naturopathic care, share the costs, and receive the strength of a group?

Hormonal Harmony

Burnout Relief

Whole Food Formula

Can’t make it to group?

You can still receive care with my newly designed Health Modules

What people are saying

“The Hormonal Health series with Dr. Kristy has been transformational for me! I’ve always prided myself at being so in-tune with my body and understanding the inner functioning, but this series gave me a deeper insight into my cycle and hormonal fluctuations than I expected. I recommend that every mother take this workshop series with their daughter so they can learn together how to embrace and revere the sacredness of womanhood at every age.” -CP

“I am so glad I decided to invest in this time and in Kristy, the tools and information are going to serve me for years to come. I truly appreciated Kristy’s ability to connect to the group and share her knowledge in a simple language. I now have a better understanding of my cycle and how to support the different phases. I look forward to more of these small group sessions with Dr. Kristy.” – TV

“The small group session with Dr. Kristy was valuable to learn about how our bodies cycle. She helped me become more aware of how I am feeling and to be kinder to myself. After attending these sessions, I am trying to stop saying “I am PMSing” and instead say ” I am not feeling great because of where I am in my cycle”. I have become more mindful of how I am feeling and I am able to put into context all that Kristy provided over the sessions. I have already shared some of the knowledge I received to woman who also struggle with their cycle.” – LT

I am so glad that I signed up for Dr. Kristy’s group sessions. I learned so much and felt supported by the energy of the group. I would definitely consider joining another one of these sessions. -SP

These sessions are open to Ontario residents only.