As a Naturopathic doctor and Nutritionist I am constantly asking people to make changes to their lifestyle.  Over the years I have worked with 100’s of people and have seen a similar pattern of enthusiasm, excitement and hope when they decide to better their health.  This is often followed by disappointment, frustration and feelings of failure when they realize the hard work involved with behaviour modification.

It is NOT easy! It is worth it!

Here are a few suggestions that may help you to stay motivated when “the going gets tough”:

1) Surround yourself with highly motivated, like minded people who will remind you through their own actions why you have chosen to make positive changes in your life.

2) Keep a journal and track your progress.  It easier to stay motivated when you feel that you are achieving success.  Most often sustainable change is slow and steady and you may not realize how much you have actually achieved until you reflect back on the place where you started from.

3) Keep it fresh with something that makes you feel good and is consistent with the change you are working towards.  Buy yourself a new yoga top, pick up a new cooking utensil or download a new meditation when things are starting to feel stale.

4) Gather new information by attending a seminar, reading a new book or visiting your Naturopathic doctor.  Information is power and new insight and understanding around your goal will keep you excited about the journey you are on.

5) Stay curious and keep it light.  When you find that your actions have moved away from the change you desire, smile, remember you are human and kindly bring yourself back to the place that reflects your goal.

By preparing yourself and expecting the process of change to be accompanied by discomfort and resistance you will be more likely to support yourself during the challenging times.   The rewards of your hard work will be bigger and better than you can imagine.