Stephen Bierbrier is a passionate, and motivating athlete who has made it his life purpose to get people moving. His infectious spirit and light-hearted approach to fitness will inspire you to excercise and find your wellness. 

Follow his advice and “Just try it!”

Here is how to connect with him and the many free outdoor activity groups he is a part of in Ottawa: 

Stephen Bierbrier @bytownboy

28 DAYS OF HAPPINESS which starts February 1st @happinesshabits613 . This is a free event to help cultivate healthy habits (9 pillars of happiness) over 28 days. There are currently 17 IG LIVE chats set to go with amazing authors, explorers, yogis, hikers, podcasters, nutritionists, farmers, naturopaths, artists, fitness instructors, life coaches, and on & on. “Just try it!”

 E62 Stephen Bierbrier On Happiness Habits 613