Year after year I see two patterns in patient care:

1) People typically know what to do for their health but do not make choices reflective of that awareness.  They know “what to do” but struggle with “how to do it”.

2) Patients leave the clinic, treatment plan in hand full of hope and somewhere around the 20-day mark, all their best intentions come crashing in and they find themselves in old habits.

Both situations revealing the basic truth – behaviour modifications as simple as they may seem are difficult to implement.

Hence the birth of this podcast with these short and sweet shares focused on the aspects of Lifestyle Medicine -sleep, stress, nutrition, movement, elimination, mindset.

In these podcasts I will:

Answer the question about how to stay on track with your goals.

Support, inspire and motivate you on your journey.

See you in your struggles, affirm you in the challenge of change and reassure you that you are not alone.

Hope you will tune in.


E9 On Stress: when good enough is enough


E8 On Stress: maybe you don’t need more time!


E7 On Stress: get your butt out of bed

E6 On stress: don’t tell me to relax


E5 On sleep: permission and acceptance

E4 On sleep: getting personal

E3 On sleep: two sides of the same coin

E2 On sleep: two biggest sleep disruptors… you may be surprised!

E1 More than just another health podcast!

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