Year after year we see two patterns in patient care:

1) People typically know what to do for their health but do not make choices reflective of that awareness.  They know “what to do” but struggle with “how to do it”.

2) Patients leave the clinic, treatment plan in hand full of hope and somewhere around the 20-day mark, all their best intentions come crashing in and they find themselves in old habits.

Both situations revealing the basic truth – behaviour modifications as simple as they may seem are difficult to implement.

Hence the birth of this podcast with these short and sweet shares focused on the aspects of Lifestyle Medicine -sleep, stress, nutrition, movement, elimination, mindset.

In these podcasts we will:

Answer the question about how to stay on track with your goals.

Support, inspire and motivate you on your journey.

See you in your struggles, affirm you in the challenge of change and reassure you that you are not alone.

Hope you will tune in.

Lifestyle Medicine Referrals

 E77 Food freedom over the holidays

 E76 Finding comfort during stressful times

 E75 Sleep and the things that keep us up at night

 E74 Your beliefs become your choices

 E73 Let food be the medicine, and eat the cookie

 E72 With Dr. Rachelle ND: An Olympian’s thoughts on movement

 E71 With Dr. Rachelle ND: It’s okay to not be okay

 E70 With Dr. Rachelle ND: Reconnecting, big news, and sleep talk

 E69 Amy Longard – The birth into motherhood

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 E68 Nora Pope, FCP & Dr. Jessica Liu ND – Empowering women with cycle awareness

 E67 Dr. Lisa Weeks ND – A doctor who has perfected the art of listening

 E66 Leslie Robertson – Helping mom’s find their way back to themselves

 E65 Andrea Robertson – How to fiercely protect your self-care needs

 E64 Scott Sigurdson – Shifting from a desk job to life on an organic farm

 E63 Sheri Chiprout – On tapping into you intuition, we all have it

 E62 Stephen Bierbrier – A mission in motion: Happiness Habit 613

 E61 Lisa Sabatini – Finding your path in the suffering of grief and trauma

 E60 Tina Lamontagne – Never underestimate the healing power of community

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 E59 Tara Porter – A lesson on food that has nothing to do with nutrients

 E58 Dr. Kandis Lock, ND – The biggest gift your doctor can give you

 E57 Elisa Kurylowicz – A beautiful fall from greatness and the rise to self-love

 E56 Dr. Olivia Rose ND – The art of joy during stressful times

 E55 Dr. Jennifer Luck ND – Healing from the quiet embarrassment of IBS

 E54 Jewelia Orlick – Peace through mindfulness, the journey inward

 E53 Dr. Jessica Liu ND – On Mindset

 E52 Heidi Hauver – On Stress

 E51 Dr. Jen Castle ND – On Sleep

 E50 Amy Longard – On Nutrition

 E49 Magdalena Tomczak – On Mindset

 E48 Stephanie Kay – On Nutrition

 E47 Dr. Jodie Peacock ND- On Sleep and Movement

E46 Dr. Jillian Murphy ND – On Mindset and

E45 Loren Crawford – On Movement

E44 Tanya Robertson – On Movement

E43 Angie Wellman – On Mindset

E42 Natasha Moine – On Movement


E41 Caroline Watters – On Mindset


E40 Nathalie Gagnon – On Mindset


E39 Roxanne Joly – On Stress


6-part series

Lifestyle choices during Isolation

E38 Part six: Mindset matters


E37 Part five: Move your body


E36 Part four: Nutrition choices


E35 Part three: Stress


E34 Part two: Sleep


E33 Part one: Finding your anchors



E32 Q: Do I need to take supplements?


E31 Q: What’s the best diet to follow?


E30 Q: What’s the deal with detox?


E29 Q: What is the best way to recover from burnout?


E28 Q: Why can’t I stick to my treatment plan?


E27 Q: Why is my PMS getting worse with age?

E26 Q: Why am I waking up in the middle of the night?


E25 Being in the middle

E24 What’s your true intention?

E23 The cost of comparisons

E22 Living from your values

E21 Self-acceptance as the starting point!


E20 On movement: of a different kind


E19 On movement: and aging


E18 Too much of a good thing


E17 Take your tired for a walk


E16 Why do you move (or not)?



E15 Smoothie duty


E14 What if you were not afraid to ask for what you want (and need)?


E13 Better than choice


E12 Why I always have chips in the house


E11 Letting go of the fads


E10 A gift for you

E9 When good enough is enough


E8 Maybe you don’t need more time!


E7 Get your butt out of bed

E6 Don’t tell me to relax


E5 Permission and acceptance

E4 Getting personal

E3 Two sides of the same coin

E2 Two biggest sleep disruptors… you may be surprised!

E1 More than just another health podcast!

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