Q: Do I need to take supplements?

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This is a question, that I ask myself all the time.  After years of practice, my short answer is still yes!  

Before I breakdown why I think we need supplements, let me start with some basics: 

  • We need to consider an Individual approach when it comes to making supplement recommendations
  • We need to consider the many different mechanisms of actions and indications that come from different supplements
  • We need to think about each person’s symptoms, health goals, objective markers, resources and pill burden 

Despite my knowing that supplements are an important aspect of achieving ideal health, my number one goal is to get each patient on the least amount of supplements as possible.

When suggesting supplements, I break them down into 3 categories of use: 

1) FOUNDATION – supplementing diet, lifestyle and individual needs on a day to day basis 

For example, vitamin D in the winter months and Essential Omega 3 because it is difficult to get this through fish oil.  Perhaps Iron and B12 depending on labs and lifestyle needs for example vegetarian.  I often recommend calcium and magnesium for patients who have a family history of osteoporosis. 

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2) SYMPTOM MANAGEMENT – supplements to help people deal naturally with symptoms they are experiencing

For example nausea during pregnancy, anxiety and nervous system relief, sleep aids, acute immune support and assistance with digestion to name a few.  As a Naturopathic doctor, if I stopped here then I would be no different than a conventional doctor or a pharmacist with an over the counter approach to symptom management. That leads me into the third factor:

3) DEALING WITH ROOT CAUSE – supplements that address the “why” behind the symptoms that patients are experiencing. The goal is to address the root cause using these supplements (and other lifestyle factors like nutrition, mindset, movement) and ultimately get the patient off the symptom management products. 

For example, detoxification supplements for hormone imbalances, acne or cholesterol management or gut rebalancing supplements to down-regulate inflammation and support immune health